The Summit Group

The Summit Group is a global sales performance improvement company, part of The Consalia Global Alliance, committed to setting the new global standard for strategic selling across 30 countries in 26 languages.

The Telfer School of Management

The Telfer School of Management is a business school within the University of Ottawa with approximately 4,300 students, 200 full- and part-time faculty and 25,000 alumni. Its areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, innovation, health systems management, business analytics and performance.

The University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is the world’s largest bilingual (French-English) university. It has more than 42,500 students enrolled in 385 programs in 10 faculties, 8,300 employees and 190,000 alumni. The total research revenue for 2013-2014 equaled $275.2 million.

The Westin Ottawa

The Westin Ottawa is an award-winning, full-service luxury hotel located in downtown Ottawa. With 350 employees and 395 guest rooms, the Westin Ottawa is a venue of choice for high-end business meetings, conferences and social gatherings.

Toronto Hydro

Toronto Hydro is the largest municipal electricity distribution company in Canada, distributing approximately 18% of the electricity consumed in Ontario. It employs over 1,400 people, serves approximately 740,000 customers, and owns and operates $3 billion in capital assets.

Watson Di Primio Steel (WDS) Investment Management Ltd.

Founded in 2002, Watson Di Primio Steel (WDS) Investment Management Ltd. is a privately-owned and independent portfolio management firm that delivers personalized investment management services to private clients in Ottawa.

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