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Welcome to our e-news page, where you can browse through issues of CX Leader.

Janet LeBlanc + Associates has launched a newsletter designed to provide practical guidance and advice to senior leaders who want to become stronger at mobilizing a customer-centric transformation within their organizational culture.

CX Leader bannerAre you a customer-centric leader? Do you ever wonder why some leaders are more customer-focused than others? Do you know the key elements needed to drive customer-led growth?

These are just some of the themes we will tackle in CX Leader. We look forward to sharing more details about the competencies, mind-sets and approaches needed to be a successful CX leader.

Issue No 3 – October 2016—Are Poor Customer Experiences Impacting Your Bottom Line? (PDF)

Issue No 2 – August 2016—WHY SO EMOTIONAL? The Impact of Emotions on Decision-making, Judgment and Choice (PDF)

Issue No 1 April 2016—Branded Customer Experience (PDF)

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