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Whether it’s a webinar, an article or a media mention, here’s a glance at some of Janet LeBlanc’s customer experience management insights.

Webinar—Strengthening Customer Relationships: Creating Memorable Connections to Grow Your Business

A replay of the June 14 webinar, sponsored by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, and a download of the presentation are now available.

Speaker: Janet LeBlanc, President, Janet LeBlanc + Associates Inc.

Key learning points:

  • Why Customer Experience Matters
  • Strengthening Customer Connections
  • Recovering When Problems Occur
  • Building Customer Trust and Loyalty

Turning Around Canada Post: An Interview with Janet LeBlanc

Customer Management IQ, August 2009

gif-6Who inspired you to work in customer value management? Dr. Bradley Gale has been an inspirational leader for me in the area of customer value management. He is the pre-eminent expert, having published several books on value management. On a personal note, I was inspired to investigate customer value management because I recognized that many of our executives and sales account teams were unable to communicate clearly the value that we provided to customers. What makes us different and better than competitors? Why choose us instead of an alternative? In my earlier roles, I was responsible for training the sales and customer service team. These fundamental answers were not readily available to the front line several years ago.

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A Media Interview with Janet LeBlanc


Select a question and hear Janet LeBlanc’s answer:

  • How do you determine each employee’s role in the customer experience?
  • How do you communicate that to them?
  • Can you provide an example of how one group, perhaps one that’s not typically customer-facing, applies customer centricity to their job?
  • How do you ensure accountability? For example, what types of customer value metrics are included in employees’ performance scorecards?

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