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uOttawa Food Services wins Best Ottawa Business Award for Best Performance Customer Experience

Janet LeBlanc, President of Janet LeBlanc + Associates (right), presents Patrick Genest, Director, Food, Conferences and uOttawa Card Services, uOttawa, with a 2017 Best Performance Customer Experience Best Ottawa Business (The BOBs) award at the gala held on November 15, 2017

On November 15, 2017, Janet LeBlanc of Janet LeBlanc + Associates was proud to present uOttawa Food Services with the Best Performance Customer Experience award at the 2017 Best Ottawa Business Awards (The BOBs) in Ottawa.

uOttawa Food Services’ journey towards customer experience transformation began in 2009, when the results of independent and on-campus customer satisfaction surveys revealed a growing dissatisfaction with on-campus food. Janet LeBlanc + Associates was brought in to tailor a full-spectrum assessment, design a customer management value program and identify key value drivers to transform the university community’s food experience.

Over the past several years, uOttawa Food Services has successfully implemented a multifaceted and measurable customer experience strategy aimed at enhancing quality, sustainability, diversity and innovation to benefit thousands of students, university staff, faculty and visitors that engage with uOttawa Food Services every year.

The results have surpassed everyone’s expectations. Customer loyalty has increased across the board—from food service, reputation and image to food distribution, payment and price. In less than a decade, uOttawa Food services is on track to increase overall revenue by 144%.

To learn more about the uOttawa Food Services success story, please read our case study (PDF).

Members of the Food, Conferences and uOttawa Card Services team at uOttawa celebrate their win for 2017 Best Performance Customer Experience at The BOBs (Best Ottawa Business Awards). LtoR: Maryann Moffitt, Dietician and Food Liaison Officer; Danny Albert, Manager, uOttawa Card Service; Patricia Grégoire, Administrative and Customer Service Agent; Philippe Demers, Manager, Finance and Operations, Food Services; Patrick Genest, Director, Food, Conferences and uOttawa Card Services; Frédéric Filliodeau, Director of Culinary.

Hosted by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and Ottawa Business Journal, the Best Ottawa Business Awards (The BOBs) is the largest annual award gala that celebrates local business achievements driving economic growth and prosperity in Ottawa.

Each year, 100+ nominations are submitted and reviewed for multiple award categories to determine which companies or business leaders are deserving of recognition and praise for their accomplishments.

In 2017, Janet LeBlanc + Associates was a proud sponsor of the Best Performance Customer Experience award category and had the pleasure of presenting the award in front of more than 740 guests at The Bobs Gala held at The Westin Ottawa.

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