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99 Percent Customer Satisfaction

At a recent fundraising event a proud executive reported that his company achieves annual customer satisfaction rates of 96%. These results sound impressive and are ideal when reporting the appreciation of customers in corporate communications. However, to customer experience experts, they indicate something else. Consistently high customer satisfaction results may be a sign that the satisfaction survey is not rigorous enough to differentiate between good and bad performance.

Effective customer measures are important business indicators.  They identify areas of weakness and opportunities to continuously improve how you interact with customers. Companies who are truly customer-centric will collect customer data and use that data to prioritize business investments and integrate within their employee performance management systems to improve performance.

Measuring the customer experience is not only essential to monitoring the changing needs of customers and the performance of employees, but also the success of your business strategy.  As the strategy of your business changes and grows, so too should your customer measurement program—usually causing a slight drop in customer scores as employees and customers adapt to the new strategy.

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