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Learn more about how customer-centric organizations and leaders connect with customer perspectives and put the customer at the centre of everything they do.


Janet LeBlanc is an award-winning business strategist, keynote speaker, and leading authority in the area of customer centricity. She coaches C-suite executives and senior leaders on how to use customer-centric strategies to transform how they interact with customers to improve business results. Janet and her team work with Fortune 100 companies and public sector institutions to design and deliver a consistent, intentional customer experience—one that delivers on the brand promise at every interaction.

Branded Customer Experience® is a registered trademark of Janet LeBlanc + Associates Inc. All rights reserved.


Customer experience leaders are those who have mastered the ability to intentionally design and consistently deliver a Branded Customer Experience®.  Janet LeBlanc + Associates coaches leadership teams wanting to realize the competitive advantages created by a customer centric culture.

Align The Leadership Team

Align the leadership team for its role in driving a customer-centric culture and leading enterprise-wide change. This includes CX strategy development, customer-centric maturity assessment, CX governance, and corporate performance accountability.

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Customer Insights

Analyze the end-to-end customer experience to understand what customers value most. Link CX insights to employee performance management to ensure everyone understands the customer experience and how to improve it.

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Branded Customer Experience®

Design the ideal Branded Customer Experience® using customer experience journey mapping or ecosystem mapping techniques. Understand how customers interact with your organization and learn new ways to drive performance outcomes to new heights.

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Performance Improvement

Set corporate and individual goals by designing an enterprise-wide performance improvement system that motivates employees to strive for higher levels of productivity and performance.

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Understand how to become more customer centric. Drive measurable improvements by integrating customer perspectives into everything you do.

With over 20 years of experience, Janet LeBlanc + Associates provides a proven framework, creates customized CX roadmaps and leads CX transformation.

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