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Johnson & Johnson

“I heard Janet LeBlanc speak a few years back at a summit for customer experience professionals. What she said immediately struck me. She understood the challenges of working with senior leaders to try to shift the culture and get the organization to become customer-centric. I thought, ‘she could be talking about my senior leaders and all the challenges I face.

“She just resonated perfectly with me. She has the deep expertise around customer experience as well as in the areas of planning, strategy, performance, and design. She brings them all to bear in a very pragmatic way that helps an organization begin its journey.

“Janet’s first engagement with Johnson & Johnson was during a multi-day strategy session within our Customer & Logistics Services leaders—customer service, logistics, last mile of the supply chain. She was able to connect our leaders to what they need to do in order to be a truly customer-centric organization.

“Janet excelled at focusing the senior leaders’ attention on where we were and the areas we needed to look at first. Her ability to bring in her expertise, real-world experience and stories really made things tangible for folks who are not customer experience experts. Specifically, Janet helped our leaders understand the reality of what it takes to develop and live their vision of customer centricity. The leaders definitely recognized her expertise and began to trust her experience.

“In fact, I think her real-world experience is the most valuable thing Janet brings to the table. It’s not theory. What we see from a lot of other consultancies is theories that are extracted from textbooks or proxies of what other organizations have done.  But Janet has lived it. She has developed and executed customer experience strategy. She has built the metrics and the value linkage analysis. She has done it.

“She can make that linkage analysis between the value of a good customer experience and the value to an organization. She showed us recently how the outcome metrics start to prove the value of driving a better customer experience from a shareholder perspective, from a senior leadership prospective and from an ROI perspective. This is the hard stuff.  Inherently, everybody understands that if your customers are happy, they are going to be more loyal. Actually proving those points and using data to demonstrate the actual results is really, really hard work and it’s a long-term journey. Janet has really helped us start that process.

“Along with everything she has taught us, Janet is extremely articulate. She is artful in storytelling and very compelling. We have a lot of smart people in our organization with a broad range of experience—and they often challenge her. Janet doesn’t shy away from the hard conversations, and she always respectfully engages the senior leaders in conversation by embracing dialogue and acknowledging their perspectives. Whenever she challenges the current thinking, she does so in a respectful and thoughtful way. She will have all the facts and be able to articulate why a particular viewpoint or strategy that she is recommending is the right one.

“I just can’t say enough good things about Janet. She has been a wonderful partner in everything I’ve engaged with her on. She is definitely someone I trust.”

Julie Ryan, CCXP
Director, Global Customer Connectivity
Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational Fortune 500 manufacturing company specializing in medical devices, pharmaceutical products and consumer packaged goods. Founded in 1886, Johnson & Johnson has grown to over 125,000 employees in 60 countries. Today, the award-winning company is ranked first on the CNBC iQ 100 index for deriving substantial revenue growth from protected, proprietary technology—evidenced by innovations ranging from a wearable tracker designed for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis to apps that monitor glucose levels or anticipate the onset of seasonal allergies.

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