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Service Canada College

“We got to a point where we absolutely needed greater clarity and reorganization on many fronts—from streamlining and reassigning hundreds of roles and responsibilities within our organizational structure to determining how best to redefine and deliver our service offerings in a consistent manner. We had achieved a lot during our formative years and now needed to take Service Canada College to the next level.

“Janet LeBlanc was brilliant at facilitating our strategic sessions and helping us move forward with clarity and a well-organized action plan. One on one, she is very thought-provoking and drives the conversation forward without being challenging. In a group setting, she is effective at bringing different ideas to the table, keeping everyone on track and creating a strong sense of engagement and ownership from all participants… Janet exceeded our expectations.”

Susan Ingram
Senior Director General
Service Canada College

Service Canada College@ HRSDC (SCC@HRSDC) is a national corporate learning institution responsible for developing learning policies, guidelines, standards and tools in support of the consistent implementation of Service Canada’s vision for advancing the innovative use of learning technologies and e-learning.

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