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Kanata North Business Association

Kanata North Business Assocation

“I’ve worked with Janet LeBlanc before, during the City of Ottawa’s G33 Economic Development Stakeholder Collaboration Group. I liked her style. What Janet does very well is to get participants to drill down to the key drivers and focus on a clear direction. She’s very plugged in to economic development, but without passing judgment or interjecting with her own opinions. That’s important if these sessions are to be productive.

“When I was Executive Director of the Kanata North Business Association, we were already two or three years into our strategic plan. We recognized that there were some overlaps with other organizations and opportunities to collaborate, lead or follow. We wanted to determine where our energies could be best spent and where we could add the most value in our business community. We engaged Janet LeBlanc + Associates to help guide us through that strategic decision.

“Janet was a good fit. She was incredibly professional and very thoughtful. Leading up to the actual strategic planning session, Janet met with me and connected one-on-one with other board members. She developed a questionnaire for us and compiled all of our input so she could hit the ground running once the strategic session started.

“In only a few hours, Janet took us through a ranking exercise to help us prioritize initiatives, achieve clarity about our mandate and stakeholder groups, and arrive at a consensus about the strategic direction that was best for our board, our members and the business community.

“All in all, Janet was terrific!”

Jenna Sudds
Past Executive Director
Kanata North BIA

The Kanata North Business Association (KNBIA) strives to create an environment where people want to work and advocates for business success. Representing the best interests of Kanata North’s renowned hub of technology and innovation, the KNBIA facilitates connections for over 500 member companies while promoting awareness and building community pride.

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