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City of Ottawa

“Janet LeBlanc + Associates helped the City of Ottawa’s Service Innovation and Performance Department develop an innovation strategy and plan.  Janet was able to distill all of the work and effort that we’ve been putting forward, across a variety of areas, and focus them into common thinking and common objectives.  She helped us create a roadmap of change as we move forward.

“With respect to leadership engagement, Janet designed a series of workshops to move the senior leadership team through a number of strategic conversations. She helped us align our perspectives and thinking on some really core, fundamental pieces of our strategy. The sessions were designed in such a way as to increase our own collaboration and alignment as a team, as well as to allow us to come to a consensus on a vision. Overall, she brings discussion and dialogue to the session, and she brings it back to a very pragmatic, results-focused final product.

“Janet has an incredible understanding and knowledge of community dynamics and the priorities of different groups that are forming in the community. She has been able to understand our vision very quickly, and bring together stakeholder analysis, client experience research and industry best practices to tease out the core elements in a really clear and crisp way.

“What Janet brought to the table was her ability to conduct evidence-based research around core thinking that is happening in similar industries, including the public sector industry and the wider marketplace. She was able to pull some key articles that acted as paradigms, frameworks or models—articles that my team and I could use to start to shape our vision.  Then she showed us how that vision could translate into an executable plan.

“Janet brings to us a well-rounded set of skills. Strategic thinking, collaboration and facilitation all helped us work as a group through a process, but the flexibility she uses in her approach and the final product isn’t a boiler plate product—it is designed and developed to meet the needs of my department and ultimately the organization.”

Donna Gray
General Manager, Service Innovation and Performance Department
City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is home to close to one million people and is the fourth largest municipality in the country. It spans an area larger than Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal combined.

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