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National Gallery of Canada

“Janet didn’t come to our gallery with a pre-packaged solution to our problems. She took the time to talk to the stakeholders, to understand us and our DNA. It was clear that Janet was looking for a solution tailored for the National Gallery of Canada. She performed consultations from top to bottom. I think that was the right approach. That’s probably why it was so successful.

“Janet was completely immersed. She attended every exhibition and any events we were doing to really understand us. Instead of asking a couple of people a couple of questions, she experienced it for herself. She became a member. She came to members’ evenings. She came as an anonymous visitor. So it was a lot more than coming in, giving some advice and leaving. She was totally immersed in the National Gallery operations.

“Janet is extremely professional, knowledgeable, pragmatic, thorough, and engaging—and I think engaging is the key word. As a facilitator, I attended every single workshop and meeting. A full-day workshop is not easy to keep people’s attention and participation, but she engaged staff from all levels, and from all departments, from senior management to front-line staff. The material that Janet provided was organized, visually interesting and relevant.

“I got a lot of positive feedback and thanks from staff. The workshops were very interactive. Participants felt their voice was heard. It’s not every day you have a room with a security person or a front-line staff and the CEO or a director brainstorming at the same table, and yet Janet was able to get people to talk and to feel free to express themselves. It was very impressive.

“Working on the visitor-centric journey initiative meant that Janet was able to understand who we are and our goals, so it was a natural continuation to work with her on the brand strategy. She has excellent experience in marketing and is an expert in her field. Through her own experience and by connecting with National Gallery staff, Janet was able to help us define the real brand of the National Gallery. She was able to get consensus among people who have different views and helped people agree on a brand direction. That took a lot of tact, and she was very good at it. It was quite an achievement.”

Jean-François Bilodeau
Deputy Director, Advancement and Public Engagement
National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada is Canada’s premier art gallery—a place to experience Canada’s rich visual arts heritage while inspiring and connecting us to the world. Housed in a glass and granite building within view spectacular views, the Gallery is focused on making art accessible, meaningful and vital to diverse audiences of all ages. Although its focus is on Canadian paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs, it holds works by many noted American and European artists.

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