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Learn more about how to transform your customer experience

Since 2012, Janet LeBlanc + Associates has partnered with Customer Strategist and Contact Center Pipeline to conduct a longitudinal study of senior leaders throughout North America. Every two years, their awareness of the customer experience (CX) and to what extent they have integrated customer centricity into their organizational DNA have been measured.

The study maps progress on a Customer-Centric Index®, a composite of three measures, used to measure maturity across four phases of the customer-centric journey: Infancy, Developing, Transforming, Truly Customer Centric.

Customer Centricity: Evolution And Analytics. 2020 North American Study On Customer Centricity

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Learn more about the value of designing a consistent, intentional customer experience—one that delivers on your brand promise at every interaction, builds brand recognition and loyalty, and achieves measurable performance results.

Download Customer Centricity: Evolution and Analytics – The 2020 North American Study on Customer Centricity (PDF).

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