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Take The Journey

Customer experience journey mapping is an effective tool for understanding how customers interact with a service or product, how guests experience a venue or event, and how people live, work and play within a city.

By learning when and where they experience satisfaction, frustration, amazement, disappointment, appreciation, or judgment during their various interactions and touchpoints with a branded “thing” or “place,” we can identify the strengths and gaps in their end-to-end customer journey. This method also analyzes what motivates customers to move from one stage of the journey to the next—i.e. whether they choose to “hang out” or “hang up.”

Using graphs, pictures and visual cues, journey maps illustrate and examine the customer experience not from an internal perspective, but rather from the customer’s point of view. This important perspective uncovers moments of truth and opportunities to delight customers. A customer experience journey map also shows how different departments work together to interact with the customer. It reveals the influence of various functions on the inputs and outputs of the end-to-end customer journey.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning,” says Janet LeBlanc, founder and president of Janet LeBlanc + Associates. “When done correctly, customer experience journey mapping identifies high priority barriers and opportunities for a great experience. It takes a holistic view of the customer’s physical and emotional journey and finds ways to differentiate the experience from competitive offerings. As the number and complexity of customer interactions increase, the need for experience mapping becomes critical,” she says.

Janet LeBlanc + Associates works closely with executive leaders in Ottawa, across Canada and globally to connect with customer perspectives and collaborate on how to design and deliver a Branded Customer Experience®. 

LeBlanc adds, “Once you have mapped out the current customer journey, you can begin the process of designing the ideal customer journey. When we help our clients design a Branded Customer Experience®, we are listening for the Voice of the Customer and empathizing with their perspectives and reactions. We want the ideal experience to be evenly structured, and delivered seamlessly across all touchpoints with measurable and meaningful results.”


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